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25 August 2023
Testing thermal efficiency of exhale cookstove

An official test laboratory, called ‘MSME Testing Centre’, assessed the thermal efficiency of the exhale cookstove. The outcome of the test was 25.95 %.

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12 April 2023
Succesful PhD-defence Megha Thakur

On April 3, 2023, Megha Thakur succesfully defended her thesis entitled ‘low-smoke chulha and health consequences in Indian slums’. The dissertation can be accessed here: Household air pollution (HAP) is one of the leading environmental and public health concerns globally. Resulting from the inefficient combustion of solid fuels (i.e. wood, coal, charcoal, crop waste, dung), and […]

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30 June 2022
Implementation tools – Lancet publication

Accelerating access to cleaner solutions is crucial to reduce the negative effects of solid fuel use. Encouraging adoption and sustained use has proven challenging and overcoming barriers is complex. We developed two practical implementation tools to optimise the implementation of cleaner cooking solutions. These were published in the Lancet Planetary Health. You can access the […]

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25 June 2018
Impact of improved cookstoves on health

Pending the much-needed transition to using cleaner fuels, can improved cookstoves help reduce morbidity and mortality due to household air pollution (HAP) from biomass combustion among women and children in low and middle income countries? We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to answer this question! Read more in our Thorax publication: Why read on? […]

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10 June 2018
Effect of the EXHALE cookstove on pollution

An independent company ‘Shiva Analyticals’ assessed the impact of the EXHALE cookstove on pollution. They concluded that CO reduced by 64% and PM2.5 reduced by 89.4% when using the EXHALE stove compared to traditional stoves! More information about the tests can be found in this document: EXHALE stove – CO & PM2.5

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27 August 2017
IPCRG conference

Professor Onno van Schayck, and Cristian, Preeti and Megha – the three PhD researchers working on Project Exhale – attended the International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) South Asian Scientific Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka at the beginning of August, 2017. Professor Onno van Schayck spoke on the “Global impact of air pollution and local […]

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20 August 2017
Health camp at Ashrayanagar

A health camp organized by Health in Slums, Bangalore Baptist Hospital and Pragathi Charitable Trust was held in Ashrayanagar in July, 2017. During the health camp, the local community was provided with a health check (with approximately 100-150 consultations) and free medicines as needed. One member of the community – a 65 year old woman […]

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17 August 2017
New publication in The Lancet

We are pleased to announce that a new article entitled “COPD and asthma: the emergency is clear, now is the time for action” by Onno van Schayck and Esther Boudewijns has been published in The Lancet. You can access it here.

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14 August 2017
Project Exhale in the news

Onno van Schayck recently spoke to the Dutch news channel NOS about Project Exhale. Click here to find out more!

8 August 2017
Threats to respiratory health in slums

More than half the world’s population lives in urban areas, and an estimated 863 million people currently live in urban slums. Although urbanisation is usually coupled with economic development, rural-to-urban migration can result in negative implications for respiratory health. Slum residents who live in informal settlements and who commonly have inadequate access to health services […]

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